Clearly defined software solutions for the finance industry.

Our software has been specifically designed to meet the increasingly complex accounting, compliance, audit and reporting needs of the finance industry. Drawing on our extensive business and systems knowledge and experience, it is built on a dynamic and scalable platform that maximizes operational efficiency and enables companies to streamline their processes and workflows without compromising data integrity. All software features robust audit and control capabilities which can be easily updated to reflect changes in the regulatory environment.


PureFunds is a unitized product platform specifically designed to help fund administrators and portfolio managers better manage investor activity. From the outset, the intention was to deliver a product that automated as much of the routine administration as possible. This has been achieved by building in the various decision parameters for each task, and creating routines that make the same intuitive assumptions that an administrator would.

PureFunds boasts one-click functionality, allowing users to generate multiple transactions from one command, with security and checking provided through a ‘four eyes’ control system whereby changes are independently authorized before they hit the live system records.

PureFunds delivers a solution that allows administrators to expand and take on new business without increasing headcount. Specifically designed to speed up the time consuming administrative tasks, PureFunds’ integrated governance and embedded controls help to reduce processing time, error rates, and cost.

Key Benefits

• Minimize the need for highly-skilled staff
• Process higher volumes without increased headcount
• Reduce processing time and cost
• Increase control and governance
• Reduce error rates
• Intuitive navigation for improved client service
• Flexible and scalable solution
• Override capability for high level users
• Tailored to meet bespoke business requirements


PureClient is an advanced client management system which will maintain and update client records for any entity or relationship. Specially designed to meet FATCA requirements, and current operating practices, it provides the necessary transparency and look-through reporting that is needed to manage sophisticated structures and automatically identify US or other high risk entities and relationships.

A fully integrated platform, PureClient incorporates all CDD and risk controls and assessments in one standardized system, allowing you to manage workflows, and process necessary actions, in a co-ordinated and timely fashion. And because it has been developed in conjunction with compliance industry specialists for today’s stringent business environment, it can be easily updated to comply with changes to legislation and additional regulatory and reporting requirements.

PureClient’s intelligent design and functionality allows for swift and easy navigation between different entity and relationship structures and ensures information can be quickly retrieved, filtered and configured, whatever your needs.

Key Features

• FATCA Compliant
• Full look-through reporting capability
• Avoids the need for multiple systems
• Meets all CDD requirements
• 'Four eyes' control
• Easy navigation between different entity and relationship structures
• Includes integrated mailing and chasing system
• Standardized user templates and dashboard reporting
• Tailored risk assessments
• Enhanced document management and archiving system
• Activity log


PureManager is a bespoke software package for fund and investment managers which reduces the complexity of daily administrative tasks and provides for effective control, analysis, reconciliation and reporting of daily trading activity.

Developed to help meet AIFMD requirements, it enables a business to import and collate a range of different files and datasets into one database which checks and validates all the data before updating bank records and asset registers. By automating standard tasks, PureManager allows staff to focus on more profitable activity and reduces operational risk while giving greater visibility and insight into complex portfolios.

PureManager also allows the manager to track current and future activities based on cash and investment transactions, and manually setup, alter and configure journals and templates, while its integrated reporting tool ensures reports can be created, configured and exported in a range of formats.

Key Features

• Supports AIFMD compliance
• Daily update and reporting of all activity
• Automatic checking and validating of 'good' data
• Fund cycle overview
• Fully integrated reporting

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