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Choose a team possessing a breadth of real experience, solid capabilities, technical ingenuity and genuine dedication.


Founded in 2006, Puritas has grown becoming a leading provider of fund administration, fund management and client data management solutions, supplying award winning, high quality and functionally complex software applications to the financial services industry.

Our systems allow organisations to fully resolve the historic challenges and problems they face in their complex operational and regulatory environments by delivering first class customer service efficiently whilst meeting regulatory demands.

We continue to focus on innovation and development and with a strong team containing a wealth of expertise we deliver quality feature rich technology that solves problems and enables opportunities.

Based in Jersey and Liverpool, Puritas is proud to serve customers with presence across some of the world’s leading offshore finance centres.

Our Team

Mike Feighan

As a Puritas co-founder, Mike’s long involvement and experience ideally places him to understand, promote and deliver the company’s specialisms, solutions and powerful …

Operations Director

Trevor R Cole

As co-founder of Puritas, Trevor has great interest and energy focused on the organisation’s present operations, its future plans and overall success. Alongside providing …

Managing Director

Paul Madden

Paul is a co-founder of Puritas. After completing his schooling at De La Salle, Paul embarked on an Electronic Engineering Apprenticeship with the …

Technical Director

Jaz Stringer

Jaz joined Puritas Ltd in November 2007 as a Senior Technical Consultant. Previously, Jaz worked for Barclays for over 7 years. He started his …

Development Manager

Oly Le Feuvre

Oly joined Puritas in May 2009 and has proved to be a valuable member of the team since. Oly was educated at De …

Senior Developer

James Walwyn

James joined Puritas in May 2017 as a Developer. James is an intellectual guy keen to get involved in both the development and business …


Andy Venables

Andy joined Puritas in February 2014 as a Technical Consultant. Andy arrived in the world at an ideal time to enjoy the 1980s home …


Danny Madden

Daniel joined Puritas Liverpool office in June 2018 as a Software Developer. After High School Daniel embarked upon an Information Systems Diploma at King …


Emma Billington

Emma, embarked on her journey with us in June 2023. Armed with a degree in Computer Studies from Liverpool John Moores University, she set …


Ion Capusneanu

Ion has joined Puritas in 2020. With a degree in Public Administration and Computer Science, Ion and has been working for a few companies …

Development Manager

Marcel Filipowicz

Working in the Puritas development team, Marcel joined the organisation in 2020 to become a Developer. Prior to this, he gained experience in the …


Sorin Mihu

Sorin joined the Puritas Team in April 2016 as Business Analyst. Sorin is a self-motivated Business Analyst who works with clients to understand better …

Business Analyst

Alan Duffy

Extensive experience and insightful understanding enable Alan’s vital contribution to both Puritas and its clients. After a career start with Barclays International Managed …

Business Analyst

Priyanka Badhe

Priyanka, a valuable member of the Puritas team, embarked on her journey with us in April 2022, stepping into the role of Junior …

Software Tester

Louise Woodward

Staunch dedication, precision execution, strong attention to detail – natural qualities possessed by Louise alongside extensive fund industry knowledge and experience. All of …

Business Analyst

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Puritas Limited, 3a Rue de Funchal, St Helier, Jersey, PO Box 637, JE4 5YU
T: +44 (0) 1534 874 100

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