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Puritas is an award-winning provider of intuitive software
and business solutions for the financial services industry

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Our Team

Trevor R Cole

Trevor is a co founder of Puritas. Trevor was formally a Senior Project Manager at Barclays International & Private Banking, working in Jersey, Guernsey …

Managing Director

Paul Madden

Paul is a co founder of Puritas. After completing his schooling at De La Salle, Paul embarked on an Electronic Engineering Apprenticeship with …

Technical Director

Mike Feighan

Mike is a co founder of Puritas. Mike’s career in the finance industry started in banking and securities environment before moving into the …

Operations and Sales Director

Andy Venables

Andy joined Puritas in February 2014 as a Technical Consultant. Andy arrived in the world at an ideal time to enjoy the 1980s home …

Technical Consultant

Jaz Stringer

Jaz joined Puritas Ltd in November 2007 as a Senior Technical Consultant. Previously, Jaz worked for Barclays for over 7 years. He started his …

Senior Technical Consultant

Oly Le Feuvre

Oly joined Puritas in May 2009 and has proved to be a valuable member of the team since. Oly was educated at De …

Technical Consultant

James Walwyn

James joined Puritas in May 2017 as a Developer. James is an intellectual guy keen to get involved in both the development and business …


Nathan Bull

Nathan joined the Puritas Team in June 2016 as a Developer. As a software developer, Nathan has previously worked for Itex and C5 Alliance. …


Sorin Mihu

Sorin joined the Puritas Team in April 2016 as Business Analyst. Sorin is a self-motivated Business Analyst who works with clients to understand better …

Business Analyst

Nuno Dionisio

Nuno joined Puritas in December 2016 as a Project Manager and Technical Lead. After completing his school education at De La Salle College in …

Technical Lead

Marc Lebout

Marc joined Puritas in July 2017 as a Senior IT Consultant. I am a seasoned IT professional with 7+ years of experience in system …

Senior IT Consultant

Danny Madden

Daniel joined Puritas Liverpool office in June 2018 as a Software Developer. After High School Daniel embarked upon an Information Systems Diploma at King …

Software Developer

Dan Cox

Daniel joined Puritas Liverpool office in June 2018 as a Software Developer. Located in Liverpool, Daniel completed A-Levels in Science and Information Technology curricula …

Software Developer

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