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How we work

From the start, our clients notice there is something different about the way Puritas works.

It’s about partnership. We will always go beyond any traditional customer-supplier approach that other software companies may stick to and hide behind. We set out to make the lives of clients easier.

We spend time getting to know them in detail. Doing our job well means understanding their requirements and constraints, their systems and data, their ways of working and playing.

We always work hand-in-hand to ensure solution implementation and integration happens smoothly. And that data migration takes place with minimal impact on internal client resources. We plan, share, manage and assure every step of the way, from project commencement to conclusion.

We always maintain a strong relationship with clients, listening to their needs and issues, questioning and responding. Our priorities and theirs are one in the same.

Our Key Competencies

  • Industry and technical understanding
    Our team combines years of finance industry business and operational experience with a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Software development
    We develop and maintain a range of best of breed software solutions for financial services companies needing an assured approach to their client and portfolio management processes.
  • Data migration and implementation
    We work alongside clients to ensure a seamless and accurate transfer of data from legacy systems.
  • Programme and project management
    We rigorously plan and deliver to ensure our clients achieve the changes required to transform their business.

Committed to quality

Puritas holds ISO 9001:15 accreditation. We believe in always seeking the highest possible standards in our work, and are dedicated to a continuous improvement mindset that aims to find better ways of working wherever possible.

Present in nine key global markets, our approach works for some of the financial world's biggest names…

To learn more about our solutions and services or to speak with one of our consultants, please contact us below.

Puritas Limited, 3a Rue de Funchal, St Helier, Jersey, PO Box 637, JE4 5YU
T: +44 (0) 1534 874 100

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