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From Outsourcing Frustration to In-House Efficiency: How JTC Transformed Fund Administration with Puritas


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How JTC Transformed Fund Administration with Puritas

Client Profile

JTC is a global leader in wealth management and private client services, providing customized solutions to affluent families and sophisticated investors. With offices in over 25 jurisdictions, JTC offers a comprehensive range of services, including investment management, trustee services, and family office solutions.



“In 2017 we were approached by a prospect who wanted us to provide full service to a suite of authorised funds. Our approach was to partner with a third party who would deliver that service. So we outsourced that function to a third party and the delivery of service was super poor,” explains a JTC representative. “Hence we started to try and find a platform that we could utilise to bring that service in-house and deliver it.” •

  • Scalability Concerns – JTC’s rapid business growth demanded a fund administration platform capable of handling increasing volumes and complexity.
  • Regulatory Demands – Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape required a solution that could adapt and adhere to changing compliance requirements.
  • Global Footprint – Ensuring seamless service across JTC’s international network necessitated a platform with robust capabilities and local expertise.

The Puritas Solution

JTC partnered with Puritas to leverage their industry-leading suite of fund administration solutions:

  • PureFunds – This powerful platform provided JTC with the flexibility and scalability they needed to manage their fund operations in-house. Its customizable workflows and automation features streamlined processes and improved efficiency.
  • PureClient – A cohesive and trustworthy data repository enables JTC to effortlessly manage both client and entity data, and CDD documents reliability to deliver an outstanding client experience.

Ongoing Support and Expert Guidance

Puritas didn’t simply provide software; they became an extension of JTC’s team. The partnership included:

  • Collaborative Development – Working closely with JTC, Puritas adapted PureFunds and PureClient to meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement – Joint efforts ensure both platforms continuously evolve to cater to JTC’s growing business and adapt to market trends.
  • Global Reach – Puritas’ international presence aligns with JTC’s global footprint, offering on-the-ground support and expertise wherever needed.



Watch the complete JTC case study video and hear Will Cameron, Adam Jeffries and Martin Palacio of JTC explain how they work in partnership with Puritas to deliver outstanding service to their clients.



The impact of the Puritas partnership has been transformative for JTC:

  • Enhanced Efficiency – JTC reports significant efficiency gains with automated workflows and a user-friendly interface, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. “Everything is so much more simple. We can get reporting out as and when we like it,” said Martin Palacio, Senior Fund Manager. “In Transfer Agency, this is by far the best system I’ve used. Everything’s instant. From a user experience, it feels like you’re actually using a proper tool.”
  • Scalability Achieved – PureFunds seamlessly handles JTC’s growing business volume, adapting to their expanding range of funds and complexity.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Puritas ensures JTC stays compliant with the latest regulations, offering peace of mind and avoiding risks.
  • Improved Client Experience – The seamless PureClient portal empowers JTC to provide their clients with firstrate service, transparency, and real-time information access.



Looking Ahead

JTC and Puritas continue to innovate, exploring emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to further automate processes and elevate the client experience. Their strong partnership is positioned to drive JTC’s success in the ever-evolving fund administration landscape. This case study showcases the power of the Puritas partnership. By combining their robust technology with dedicated support and an ongoing commitment to collaboration, Puritas empowered JTC to overcome their challenges, achieve operational excellence, and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

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How JTC Transformed Fund Administration with Puritas