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If you’re still using manual processes and legacy systems to manage your share register accounts, you’re placing unnecessary risk on providing inaccurate and missing information or data. Inevitably, you worry about the impact of human errors and non-compliance and how it could affect shareholder relationships and damage relationships.

How we can help you

Our investor relationship management software is easy to set up and straightforward to use. It will improve your efficiency, your productivity, and allow your business to scale.


We understand that the quality of your data is paramount to you to managing stakeholder and regulatory reporting as well as reducing your risk. Our PureClient software, provides complete visibility over your clients and their entity relationships. It also provides an overview of all investor CDD and risk ratings. You can view and extract data via reports, making it easy to manage data changes and gather information for regulatory reporting.

Share Register Dealing

PureFunds, our software will streamline your share dealing and register management by automating labour intensive processes. This includes all investor share dealing, investor communications, cash management and investor redemptions. You’ll be able to handle share transactions and transfers seamlessly via automated batch processing and many of our clients significantly increase their productivity taking some from 50% to 96% STP. It simply makes your day to day activities less labour intensive, more effective and cost efficient.

Investor Portal

Choosing PureClient as your investor portal empowers you with a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform that streamlines your investor interactions and delivers a centralised area for all investor correspondence and documentation in one location, manage multi role access whilst seamlessly integrating with our fund administration platform, PureFunds.

Risk and Compliance

Our regulatory compliance software provides the functionality you need to create risk assessments for all entities. It automatically produces risk scores and all steps are subject to various levels of approval. The platform has both manual and automated risk assessments for periodic reviews. The automated assessment runs overnight, ready for you to manage any exceptions the next morning. The software can be integrated with industry-standard screening databases and provides real-time monitoring so you can stay up to date with regulatory changes.


Whether you are looking to prevent remediation or are looking for a solution to support you during the remediation process, it is essential to have a robust, multi-jurisdictional platform in place to empower you to have control over your client entity data, fostering confidence in your compliance and operational efficiency.

Our products


Our share dealing software is designed to simplify and streamline your fund administration processes. As a comprehensive product, PureFunds helps you control daily, weekly and monthly dealing activities, so you can keep track of all funds under administration.

You’ll be able to efficiently process subscriptions, redemptions, distributions, switches, conversion and transfers – all the while keeping your investor register up to date. You can easily manage NAV updates and FX rates, as well as the distribution of investor correspondence through the integrated banking or swift interfaces.

As an automated application, you’ll stay on top of your admin and stay ahead of the competition as you deliver an exceptional service to your clients.


As an automated application, you’ll stay on top of your admin and stay ahead of the competition as you deliver an exceptional service to your clients.


Our customer data management software lets you manage complex customer data and stay compliant with all regulations. As a fully-integrated platform, it enables you to view and extract data via reports, so you can easily manage data changes. It incorporates all CDD, risk controls and assessments into one standardised system, freeing up your time and resources.

It provides a ‘single source of truth’ system that gives you a 360-degree view of your clients and their entity relationships.

With its advanced reporting capabilities, you can generate reports that will satisfy corporate needs, client expectations and all regulatory requirements.

Why work with Puritas?

Our team has unrivalled expertise in fund administration and regulatory compliance. We understand the challenges and opportunities within the fund administration industry, enabling us to develop investor reporting software that meets your specific needs.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, offering cutting-edge products that improve your clients’ experience. With a focus on KYC, CDD and AML compliance, we streamline your fund administration processes to provide high levels of automation so you can manage business activities efficiently and deliver an exceptional service to your clients and investors.

By assessing your current workflows, we can create comprehensive business processes and data transition strategies. We can identify areas for improvement and ensure the seamless migration of your data to our platform.

Key contacts


Mike Feighan

Business Development

Mike Feighan is a co-founder of Puritas. His extensive experience and deep industry knowledge drives the company’s growth and success. His strategic role encompasses product development, partnering, client operations, and business development. With a career focused on the finance industry and a passion for technology and change, Mike held senior management positions before founding Puritas in 2006. His expertise and dedication are essential to Puritas’ ability to deliver specialised data management products.


Trevor R Cole

Managing Director

As co-founder of Puritas, Trevor has great interest and energy focused on the organisation’s present operations, its future plans and overall success.

Alongside providing strategic vision and goal setting, his role encompasses many of the key corporate and client functions required to deliver exceptional organisational performance. These include quality management, service planning and delivery, governance, compliance, budgeting and risk mitigation.


Paul Madden

Technical Director

Paul is a co-founder of Puritas. After completing his schooling at De La Salle, Paul embarked on an Electronic Engineering Apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Bath. Upon completing this he studied for a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Wales, Bangor.

After graduation, Paul joined the Weapon Systems Tuning Group as an Engineer, mainly working on Sonar systems and computers for the Royal Navy. This involved the commissioning and trialling of systems in various dockyards and aboard warships and submarines.

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