Enabling effective control over operations

Choose a bespoke software solution that reduces complexity of daily administrative tasks for global fund and investment managers.



You need a client administration system that easily manages private and institutional investor details and reporting.

We provide an advanced ‘single source of truth’ software solution that clearly does this… and so much more.

Why choose PureManager?

Our solution reduces the complexity of daily administrative activities for fund and investment managers. Through the automation of standard tasks, it allows the effective control, analysis, reconciliation and reporting of daily trading activity.


  • Release staff through automation of workflow, allowing focus on more profitable activities.
  • Reduce operational risk through enhanced functionality and oversight of daily workflow.
  • Increase insight of complex portfolios through greater visibility and integration of investments.

Solution Details

PureManager has been developed to enhance the management and administrative function while decreasing operational requirements.

PureManager enables the importing and collation of different files and datasets into one database while checking and validating all data before updating bank records and asset registers.

PureManager also allows the manager to track current and future activities based on cash and investment transactions. It permits the manual setup, alteration and configuration of journals and templates. Its integrated reporting tool ensures reports can be created, configured and exported in a range of formats.


  • Automated reconciliation of cash and stock
  • Automated post and match functionality
  • Comprehensive fund accounting and NAV management
  • Manage ledgers, journal templates and trial balances

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