Client: A prominent multi-jurisdictional fund administrator

Puritas Ensures Seamless Investor Portal Access for Enhanced Client Experience


How could Puritas work for you?

Paul Madden TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Paul is a co-founder of Puritas. After completing his schooling at De La Salle, Paul embarked on an Electronic Engineering Apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Bath. Upon completing this he studied for a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Wales, Bangor.

Paul Madden

Technical Director

Paul, a co-founder of Puritas, began his career after completing his schooling at De La Salle with an Electronic Engineering Apprenticeship at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Bath. He later earned a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Wales, Bangor. With 17 years in defence work, Paul transitioned to finance, starting as an independent consultant at Barclays International Funds in Jersey before founding Puritas in 2006. His diverse background and expertise make him a valuable asset in Puritas’ pursuit of developing innovative financial solutions.


Puritas Ensures Seamless Investor Portal Access for Enhanced Client Experience

Client Profile

A prominent multi-jurisdictional fund administrator, focused on managing global funds and investors, sought to elevate their client interactions through a streamlined and secure online platform. Their goal was to establish investor portal access, enabling their underlying investors (the portal users), fund managers and ACD’s to the ability to access and manage their investment information.



The client recognised the need for a secure and efficient platform to provide their investors with direct access to their investment data and correspondence. However, they faced challenges in communicating their investor data and correspondence in a secure manner. They also wanted to share transactional data with the ACD’s or Managers daily, and allow them to view and extract fund transactional data and investor correspondence. The process needed to be user-friendly, provide a secure mechanism of accessing and downloading data, and capable of accommodating a diverse user base with varying levels of technical expertise.

The Puritas Solution

Puritas presented a comprehensive showcase of their investor portal to the client. They illustrated the portal’s secure access via multi-factor authentication and guided the team through the data view and retrieval process. The team then conducted an in-depth presentation of the portal’s essential features, highlighting how portal users can autonomously access their desired information. This approach instilled confidence in the client, affirming that the portal would effectively cater to the needs of investors, intermediaries, ACDs, and managers, ensuring its fitness for purpose.

Thorough Training and Empowerment

Puritas provided comprehensive training to the client’s administrators on effectively utilizing the investor portal admin tool. This essential tool served as the linchpin for configuring user access and generating initial secure passwords. Administrators gained an in-depth understanding of the tool’s functionalities, equipping them to proficiently manage both user setup and ongoing access management.


Ongoing Support and Expert Guidance

Puritas’ dedication extended well beyond the initial setup phase. We offered continuous support, standing by the client and guiding them through challenges that arose during portal utilisation. Whether it involved technical assistance, troubleshooting, or optimising functionality, our dedicated team remained readily available to ensure a seamless user experience.


Empowering Efficiency and Benefits

Puritas’ empowered the client to efficiently manage portal access. This approach extended benefits not only to the client but also to their investors, who could now seamlessly access and manage their investment information. By eliminating traditional communication bottlenecks and manual processes, the portal’s capabilities enhanced client-investor interactions and satisfaction.



Puritas’ commitment and comprehensive support enabled the client to successfully establish an investor portal that delivered tangible results. The client’s administrators were empowered with the tools and knowledge to efficiently manage user access and provide a secure platform for their investors. The holistic approach promoted a seamless user experience, fostering positive relationships and reinforcing investor confidence.

In essence, Puritas’ dedication ensured a smooth transition for the client in establishing investor portal access, ultimately enhancing client-investor interactions and optimising the platform’s capabilities. This case study exemplifies Puritas’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions and comprehensive support to empower clients in their pursuit of operational excellence and enhanced client satisfaction.

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Puritas Ensures Seamless Investor Portal Access for Enhanced Client Experience