Priyanka Badhe

Software Tester

Priyanka, a valuable member of the Puritas team, embarked on her journey with us in April 2022, stepping into the role of Junior Software Tester. Her passion for Information Technology ignited her career in the field as a tester at a dynamic start-up based in India.

Committed to continuous growth, Priyanka thrives on acquiring new knowledge and enhancing her problem-solving prowess. She holds a Master of Computer Application from the University of Pune, India, and has solidified her skills with a certification in ISTQB Foundation Level.

Beyond her professional life, Priyanka’s interests span various horizons. She enjoys indulging in crafting and decorating, finding solace in creativity. A fervent traveller, she seizes every opportunity to explore new places, each journey fuelling her sense of wonder and adventure.

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