Andy Venables


Andy joined Puritas in February 2014 as a Technical Consultant.

Andy arrived in the world at an ideal time to enjoy the 1980s home computer revolution at an early age, exploring the possibilities of the emerging 8-bit microcomputers. Starting with a Sinclair ZX80 hooked up to a spare black and white TV, and then many coding sessions with a ZX Spectrum, he has continued to keenly follow the many fascinating developments from which we’ve all benefitted as technology has moved onwards at such an impressive rate.

Many years at Finalysys Limited allowed Andy to expand his structured programming skills and to gain valuable experience with operating systems, databases and SQL, object-oriented .Net development, and a variety of reporting tools. After a couple of years with Ocean Technology Andy made the move to Puritas and is very much enjoying the opportunity to apply his skills and gain further experience in such an interesting industry. Andy is at his happiest when developing successful solutions and effecting positive change.

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