Reducing complexity in client data management

Choose a solution designed and continuously developed to meet and exceed the needs of global finance administrators.


We provide a multi-jurisdictional CDD and AML solution for companies needing to manage all CDD data, documents and reporting statuses for each entity.

Our solution automatically recommends different types of CDD depending on the entity type, risk or relationship for individuals or any corporate entity type.


  • Full reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Configure all types of CDD required specific to a jurisdiction
  • Associate any document to a CDD type
  • The platform will automatically suggest the CDD required depending on relationship type
  • Reduce risk as all steps of the process can be reviewed and approved
  • All CDD documents are automatically filed in a structured file share against each entity allowing quick and easy retrieval of CDD
  • Ability to quickly screen entities via API with World Check
  • Integrated ongoing screening and case management of entities

Risk Management

Our platform provides the functionality needed to create multiple risk assessments for all entities based on fully configurable templates containing required questions, answers and weighting bands to automatically produce the risk score.

Business rules options allow overriding of calculated assessment scores with all steps subject to four+ eyes approval.


  • Create any type of risk assessment
  • Add any amount of questions to a risk assessment
  • Assign risk assessments to specific entity types
  • All risk assessments are subject to approval – any number of sign-offs can be applied
  • All risk assessments are stored against the assessed entity
  • Full audit of each assessment is easily retrievable

On-Boarding for Individuals and Corporates

We have a dynamic onboarding solution that offers a breakthrough approach allowing your business to easily onboard individuals, corporates, funds and trust without the need to rekey in data.

It crucially offers an enhanced client experience through reducing the need to request repeated information.


  • Accelerate the on-boarding process
  • Reduce errors and create Right Fist Time mindset
  • Ability to request any data that may be required for platform
  • No requirement for administrators to re key data into platform
  • Ability to import all data into the platform
  • Multiple entities, relationships and structures are automatically created
  • Full audit trail

Entity Data Management - 360-degree view of client

Our advanced platform provides the opportunity to finally move to a single source of truth for all client and entity relationship data and the ability to hold any type of entity or create any type of relationship structure.

The solution either stands alone or can interface with other client systems and platforms through API connectivity.


  • Single source of truth for all client and entity data
  • Feed key data and flags via API to other platform in real time
  • Ability to create and manage simple and complex relationship structures
  • Static data fields are entity specific
  • No restrictions to the number of contact details or bank accounts
  • Maker / checker control throughout the platform
  • Full reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Full audit and activity log


Our automated FATCA and CRS solution captures all original data within the platform for easy and efficient data completeness analysis with exceptions highlighted for easy remediation processing.

Once data cleansing is complete, both the FATCA and CRS processes are automated using our integrated batch process wizard.


  • No manual re-entering of data
  • Automated analysis tool to identify exceptions
  • Simplified exception management process to remediate data
  • Real time reporting to review data
  • Export data to Excel when required
  • Batch process wizard to review and approve data
  • Automatic generation of XML file
  • Full audit trail of data



You need a client administration system that easily manages private and institutional investor details and reporting.

We provide an advanced ‘single source of truth’ software solution that clearly does this… and so much more.

Why choose PureClient?

Our solution allows easy creation, maintenance and updating of client records. It is capable of full integration into other internal and external systems, including third party providers of KYC and CDD information. Through enhanced reporting capabilities, it can generate the reports needed to satisfy corporate needs, client expectations and all regulatory requirements.


  • Gain operational efficiencies through increased automation of administration activities.
  • Ensure full corporate and regulatory compliance through advanced system reporting capabilities.
  • Exceed client expectations through enhanced customer service functionality for fund and investment managers and their private and institutional investors.
  • Target new business opportunities through superior client transfer and onboarding workflows.

Solution Details

PureClient has been developed with customer and compliance in mind.

PureClient is a fully integrated platform incorporating all CDD and risk controls and assessments into one standardised system.

It allows you to easily manage workflows and process necessary actions in a co-ordinated and timely fashion. Because it has been developed in conjunction with compliance industry specialists for today’s stringent business environment, it can easily be updated to comply with changes to legislation and additional regulatory and reporting requirements, providing a ‘single source of truth’ for all client data.

To learn more about our solutions and services or to speak with one of our consultants, please contact us below.

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