Reduce the risk of manual errors with real-time visibility into business processes

PureFunds for effortless fund administration

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Multi jurisdiction capability
A system solution for UK Retail, Offshore and European fund administrators.

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Share Register Dealing
Integration for improved STP dealing process with Calastone, EMX, Vestima and SWIFT.

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Investor correspondence
Automated production of all key output contract notes, valuation, transaction statements and distribution advices.

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All types of payments are automated via SWIFT or bank interface.


All reporting is automatic and can be tailored to meet internal and external requirements.


Data migration and acquisitions
Seamless data migration, acquisitions and new fund take ons where all complex tasks are handled by our expert data migration team.

Improving the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of fund administration

It’s an uncomfortable truth, however, the fact remains that manual dealing processes can come at a significant cost to your business. Not only do errors have a knock-on impact with investors, they can damage your client relationships and reduce their confidence in your ability to effectively deliver on requirements.

To guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your share dealing and registration activities you need a robust system that can automate and streamline fund administration processes.

PureFunds gives fund administrators the confidence to do their job effectively. As a comprehensive product, it helps you control daily, weekly and monthly dealing activities and investor reporting, ensuring you can maximise productivity with assurance.

By taking control with PureFunds, you will maximise your time and resource, remove pressure and build confidence allowing you to focus on growing your business, building lasting client relationships and most importantly, allowing your team to do what they do best.

Why choose PureFunds?

Our PureFunds software is intuitive and easy to use. As a fully integrated product, it’s designed to simplify and streamline your fund administration and share dealing processes.

You’ll be able to efficiently process subscriptions, redemptions, distributions, switches and transfers – all the while keeping your investor register up to date.

With our structured, automated share dealing and registration software, you’ll stay on top of your admin and remain ahead of the competition as you deliver an exceptional service to your clients. Leveraging off the automated process within PureFunds, you can easily manage share dealing, NAV updates and FX rates, together with the distribution of investor correspondence, ensuring that all fund and investor payments are made on time.

PureFunds key benefits

  • Streamline your processes and improve productivity without increasing headcount.
  • Improve operational efficiency with automation and bulk batch processing.
  • Minimise your risk with automated functionality and integrated controls.
  • Easily integrated with your current business processes and other systems.
  • Manage your funds from one dedicated platform.
  • Scale your business operations and adapt to regulatory change.
  • Migrate your legacy platforms, existing data and any new funds you take on seamlessly.

Who is PureFunds for?

PureFunds is a platform for fund administrators who are operating within the UK Retail, European and Offshore Fund space and are seeking an advanced tool for streamlining fund administration and share dealing. Our platform is scalable and user-friendly and is well-suited for all business sizes. Whether you’re looking to enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity and scalability, PureFunds is the ideal choice for achieving excellence in the fund adminstraiton industry.

Improve your productivity, reduce costs and increase your revenue - 96% STP Rate

As a fund administrator, the accuracy of your dealing and data management is of upmost importance. That’s why our fund administration software has been developed with superior performance and enhanced functionality in mind.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system, robust measures are in place to maintain data integrity on a consistent basis.  These measures are in place to guarantee that the system operates with precision and correctness at all times.

By working with PureFunds you will have more time to focus on your core competencies as we take care of your global fund transfer needs.

Our transfer agency software is suitable for all onshore or offshore unitised funds whether you operate in the UK retail, European or alternative investment market space. PureFunds provides the functionality to meet your specific needs as it is designed to seamlessly adapt to different global environments, ensuring efficient operations and optimal performance across the funds industry.

Our transfer agency platform lets you scale your business with confidence. With its high level of investor dealing automation, PureFunds integrates effortlessly with global providers, such as SWIFT, Calastone, Vestima and EMX. It enables you to automatically import all dealing transactions without manual intervention.  Complex rules efficiently handle dealing restrictions, ensuring high levels of Straight Through Processing (STP) and leaving exception management for rejected transactions.

In today’s business landscape, the need for accurate data reporting and extraction is more crucial than ever. PureFunds offers a highly flexible reporting system that empowers business users to extract insight from the software seamlessly. The process is straightforward, once you have the data in the system, you can export it. Reports can be sent manually or automatically via the automated reporting tool. Once the reports are scheduled, they will be sent password protected via email, SFTP, or any other preferred method.

Get it right first time. Our system incorporates a variety of integrated controls that ensure accuracy and minimise error rates. PureFunds has been designed with a strong focus on corporate governance and has a number of features that help you maintain the highest standards of data integrity and compliance.

Our investor portal provides investors, intermediaries and fund managers with secure access to data and documents. It can be hosted in Microsoft Azure or locally, and has multi-factor authentication to guarantee security during login. Within the platform, all transactions are displayed by fund, and investor correspondence can be downloaded. You can run various reports, including consolidation valuations, statements, and share registers.

Our document management system (DMS) is integrated across all Puritas products. Documents are stored securely in a separate file share location outside of the main database. Investor correspondence is automatically filed against the portfolio and customer due diligence (CDD) is filed against each entity. File structures and naming conventions are set up automatically, ensuring that documents won’t get lost, and that the latest versions are easily accessible. You’ll save time and resources as all documents can be retrieved in one click.

Our expert data migration team are available to support with moving from legacy platforms, handling acquisitions and bring on new funds to administer. You can trust that our experts will transfer your valuable data effortlessly.

Key contact

Mike Feighan

Mike Feighan is a co-founder of Puritas. His extensive experience and deep industry knowledge drive the company’s growth and success. His strategic role encompasses product development, partnering, client operations, and business development. With a career focused on the funds industry and a passion for technology and change, Mike held senior management positions before founding Puritas in 2006. His expertise and dedication are essential to Puritas’ ability to deliver specialised data management products.


Cutting edge software at affordable prices

We believe in tailoring our Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a transparent and competitive pricing structure that reflects the robust features, advanced capabilities, and dedicated support that our software offers. In providing several pricing options, we aim to give you access to cutting-edge technology without compromising on quality or service.

Why work with Puritas

Our team has deep industry expertise in fund administration and therefore understands the complexities faced by busy fund administrators and compliance professionals.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to tailor our offerings to meet your specific market needs and improve your customer experience. We enjoy strong partnerships with our clients where we work in collaboration to effectively manage the day-to-day administration and continually evolve to meet their changing business needs. We use the latest technologies, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

We have a high focus on automating often complex or time consuming processes in order to reduce risk and improve efficiency within the day to day activities for fund administrators.

In addition, our expert data migration team are available to support with moving from legacy platforms, handling acquisitions and to bring on new funds to administer. You can trust that our experts will transfer your valuable data effortlessly.

We will guide you through the entire process, ensuring clear communication, collaboration, and transparency every step of the way. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver exceptional outcomes, meet your objectives and surpass your expectations.

What our PureFunds customers say…

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