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Share Register and Dealing

Our intuitive, responsive and fully integrated portfolio and investment management platform allows the easy scaling of business with confidence through efficient processing of subscriptions, redemptions, distributions and transfers, and updating of investor register.

Possessing a high level of automation via the client Investor Portal along with integration with third party products including Calastone, EMX and World Check.


  • Dealing – Allowing integration for STP dealing process with Calastone, EMX, Vestima and SWIFT
  • Investor Correspondence – Production of all key output dealing, valuation and transaction statements, distribution advices are AUTOMATED.
  • Investor Portal – All portfolio information and documents are sync’d in real time or periodically as specified
  • Payments – Redemptions and distributions are automated
  • Reporting – Full reporting capabilities

Investor Portal

Hosted in Microsoft Azure or locally, our investor portal provides a secure environment requiring multi-factor authentication to access investor data and correspondence.

The portal provides clients, intermediaries and fund managers with specific access to data and documents allowing them to self serve their needs.


  • Holdings – All transactions are displayed by fund
  • Download – View or download investor correspondence and documents
  • Export – Export all data to Excel
  • Reporting – Run various reports such as consolidation valuations, statements and share registers ▪ Currency – View portfolio in various currencies
  • Upload – Ability to upload documents such as CRS Self Cert and CDD
  • Dealing – Ability to place subscriptions and redemptions via the portal

Document Management

Our document management System (DMS) is integrated across all associated Puritas modules.

All documents are securely saved in a separate file share location outside of the database which features a locked-down environment and easy integration into an existing DMS.


  • All investor correspondence is automatically filed against the portfolio
  • All CDD is automatically filed against each entity
  • File structures and naming conventions are automatically setup when adding new CDD types and documents
  • File paths cannot be renamed
  • Documents cannot be moved unless IT is involved
  • All documents can be retrieved by one click



You need a system that helps fund administrators and portfolio managers better manage investor activity.

We provide a best of breed transfer agency software solution that does exactly this… and so much more.

Why choose PureFunds?

Our solution for fund administrators has been specifically designed to improve the process of managing investor activity. PureFunds is a share register and dealing platform possessing integrated client record management. This allows the easy management of investor activity, price and rate setting, and payments via integrated banking interfaces.


  • Dedicated share register and dealing platform that allows fund administrators to easily manage their funds on a single platform.
  • Minimise risk through integrated controls and increase operational efficiency through bulk batch processing.
  • Centralised single source of truth for all client data that is easily scalable and adaptable to regulatory change.
  • Streamlines processes to provide end to end e!ciencies and enhanced productivity without increasing headcount.

Solution Details

PureFunds has been developed with superior performance and enhanced functionality in mind.

PureFunds provides for the automation of routine administration activities wherever possible. This is achieved through building in decision parameters for each task and creating routines based on consistent intuitive assumptions.

This results in proven end-to-end efficiencies, leading to increased productivity, and without the need to increase headcount.

Investor Portal

With the PureFunds software solution we provide a portal application allowing investors, fund managers and intermediaries remote access to their documents and data via a secure internet connection. The portal software is designed to be hosted using Microsoft Azure located in a data centre of choice or locally.

The portal offers three views:

  • Individual view: presenting data in the most suitable manner for a user holding a single or multiple portfolios.
  • Intermediary view: presenting data for IFAs requiring access to client portfolios.
  • Manager view: presenting data for fund managers to view all portfolios held by fund.

Key Features

  • Landing page featuring comprehensive range of functions – present values, download customised statements, export data, etc.
  • Document library holding downloadable statements and advices
  • Share dealing and fund management functionality
  • Easily upload documents

To learn more about our solutions and services or to speak with one of our consultants, please contact us below.

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